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Pastor Timothy & Margie Overmiller,  Dr. Peggy & Pastor Robert Ford

With a vision to bless the poor, to heal the broken hearted and to set free the captives,
(Isaiah 61:1) God has blessed us immeasurably and given us strength to carry out
His vision through the years. He is our provider, healer and friend.
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"Fields Of Grace"
September 8,9,10 2017
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Praise the Lord! A Wonderful Surprise!!
Part 2 10/28/17

Pleasantly Surprised Again!!!!
This morning I sent out “Wonderful surprise phase 2 update.”
I shared about our upcoming anniversary at this ministry of
being called to “Freedom Mountain” for 21 years this October 31.
Sharing that the “building fund offering container is a carved
wooded pitcher given to us as a gift by our brother’s and sister’s in
Haiti many years ago! I shared how I found the $4,100 check and a
twenty dollar bill the pitcher.Thus all we needed was about $1000
to continue our next step of phase 2.

Surprise part 2!  My wife Peggy said, she had a call from a sister
in the Lord and she said she was bringing a donation by. So she
waited and seem like no one was coming. So she thought, well
maybe they dropped it at the church! So she checked the little
wood container, and WOW another check for $5,000!

There’s more!! A brother in the Lord saw my update this
morning, and wrote me and said, he’s sending a check for
$1,000! That’s more than $10,320 came in since last Sunday! Which
allows us to start 2 steps now. The wainscoting/trim/doors and
the plumbing fixtures for the restrooms and the kitchen!
Believing for a total of $50,000 to complete phase 2 and begin
phase 3.
Constantly bless,
Pastor Rob

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